Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wrestling Dedication

Wrestling Dedication!

My name is Anthony Sandi and I started wrestling when I was in 9th grade. Though I wish I started much earlier than that I still loved the sport. I worked hard but I was on JV that year. Not quite what I wanted but i kept working harder and I did not quit. The next year I made varsity after pinning in my wrestle offs for 152. That season went horribly! I ended with a 2-9 record. I was so discouraged but realized there was so much I could of done to be better this year. So the following summer I wrestle about 4 times a week at a local club, I ran every other day and I lifted. I thought I did well and it payed off in my Junior year of wrestling. I ended with a 22-8 record, but I went no where in districts so I wasn't happy for long. I worked even harder, running everyday, lifting everyday, and wrestling as often as possible. The BIGGEST thing I did though was wrestle in summer tournaments. I wrestled as many matches as I could get! I ended my summer record at 18-8. Not quite the amount of matches I wanted but still pretty decent. Now I am in my senior year and I am ready to have a great season where hopefully all my hard work wil pay off! So just remember to never give up or let someone tell you can't do something because you can do anything you put your mind to!

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