Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wrestling Is Not For Everyone

Wrestling is as sport that a person either loves or hates and is the most difficult sport anyone will ever do. Not many people can handle the such intense conditions for a whole season. Wrestling takes physical and mental strength which without a person can not last. I am a wrestle and wrestling is my life. My goal is to make my mark my seniors year by becoming a state champ.

I started wrestling my freshman year of highschool and it was the hardest thing i had ever done, but something about it just made me want to come back everyday. I never missed practice and always wanted to get better. Though only JV my freshman year I went 9-1, then my sophomore year I went varsity ending with a horrible 2-9 record. This year I made a huge improvement. I ended my junior year with a 22-8 record. I am very proud of myself but I am no where near being satisfied. I will achieve the title of State Champ no matter what it takes.


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